Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Have you seen those “Deer Crossing” signs? Some are accompanied by “next 1.5 miles” or “2 miles” or some other number. I’ve always wondered how they determined those numbers. I mean, did they discuss it with the deer? Do they know they can’t go 1.7 miles—that they have to stay within 1.5 miles? What happens when they do go outside the boundary? And you know they’re going to do it, they’re going to push those limits and see how far they can go.

Or how about those automated phone systems? They want you to enter your account number, date of birth, phone number, age of your firstborn, number of pets, etc. Then when you finally get a real person on the phone, you have to repeat all that information.

Can anyone tell me why it is that your car, which has been making funny noises for days, purrs like a kitten when you take it to a mechanic?

This one has always boggled my mind: Why is it that every time you BEG the receptionist to squeeze your ill child into the overfull schedule during flu season, your child no longer has a fever when you get to see the doctor?

But, that’s not why I wrote. If any of you are still paying attention out there, check out the March 17th edition of First magazine. You’ll see a great pic of someone we all know and love. Then you’ll also understand the title of today’s blog—and be sure to spread the word.