Sunday, October 23, 2016

OheMGee Woman, Get a Life Already

I just want to punch her in the throat.

I have a friend, Jane Smith Doe.  She is married to John Doe (also a friend.)  John's ex-wife, Mary Johnson Doe, friended both John and Jane on Facebook.  In this situation, I don't understand why Jane would want to friend her ex-husband's wife.  I think she's just a little off.

Jane posted something a little controversial on FB the other day.  Instead of scrolling on by, Mary was the first to comment, and said she disagreed with Jane's point-of-view.  Then Mary proceeded to go on a rampage through the lengthy comment section, defending her viewpoint to people who obviously sided with Jane.

This is not the first time Mary has made contentious comments on Jane's page.  I usually just shake my head and move on.  This time it hit a little closer to home and she kept going on and on to the point I almost had steam coming out of my ears.  I wanted to say, "If you have a different opinion that you feel must be defended, do it on your own page!"  Mary had the nerve to say at the end that she was just posting her opinion and meant no disrespect to anyone.  The woman disrespected Jane from her first comment.  Twit.

Seriously, I look at your FB page as belonging to you and you are entitled to post whatever you like, within reason (i.e. no porn.)  If you post something that is visible to your friends on their timeline, you are like a host, allowing them to come into your home and make comments.  When you physically enter someone's home, you don't go out of your way to ignore your host's opinion and practically scream at other guests whom also disagree with you.  It's a good way to get escorted out the door.

Disagreeing is a common occurrence, especially in election season.  Friends and family often disagree.  However, it can be done with a little sensitivity.  If you can't be sensitive, or snarky in a loving way, then don't enter the discussion.  It's well known around here when the family descends at Thanksgiving, that there is NO political discussion allowed around me, I don't care which side you're on, or I will kick your happy little ass outside.  There's no such thing as a civil political discussion with KSA's family.

In other words, Mary, shut up.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Doing My Part to Save Some Souls

First I'll let you read one homily and/or watch another, then I'll add my own comments.

This was sent in an email as a PDF attachment.  I don't know who the priest is or where he is from (if you prefer to only watch a video, scroll down to the blue text):

"29th Sunday Ordinary Time:
     As I was laying on the floor in the Cathedral of our Diocese, I asked Jesus Christ, literally moments before I was ordained a Catholic priest of Jesus Christ, 'Please give me the strength to be a good, holy priest. Please help me through every Cross I will encounter.'
     In doing so, it means that as a priest one is always compassionate and always merciful, just as our Heavenly Father is. This also demands that a priest says the cold-hard truth when necessary, so that is what I am about to do.
     Our Savior Jesus Christ says from today's Gospel, 'When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?' Wow! Will He? Today?
     We are now less than one month away from voting for our next president of the United States. As Catholics, it is our civic duty to vote, AND at the same time, to practice our Catholic Faith when we vote.
     As the Catholic Church teaches, we need to have an informed conscience to help direct us how it is we are to vote, and voting in a way that is in accord with our Catholic Faith.
     There are issues to vote on that are subject to the prudential judgment of Catholics. This means Catholics do not have to agree on the issues being voted upon. These include the economy, healthcare, and yes even immigration.
     There are issues, however, which relate to intrinsic evils. Intrinsically evil acts are acts that are evil at the object, meaning, what it is that a person is hoping to achieve. Intrinsically evil acts can NEVER at any time, at any circumstance be endorsed, enabled, or even promoted by a faithful Catholic.
     Thanks be to God neither candidate is wanting to legalize an intrinsic evil, at least on the surface, such as making it legal for one to murder their neighbor, whether they are white, black, or Hispanic, simply because one does not like them.
     Now, out of the possible presidential candidates, we do have one who wants to sanction the killing of whites, blacks, and Hispanics and in fact this candidate wants to make it even more available, under a very specific condition, which is this: As long as the white, black, or Hispanic person is in the womb of their mother.
     Yes, this particular candidate wants to kill babies in their mother's womb. Not only that, but this candidate is striving to increase the availability of this killing, which we know as abortion. Additionally, this candidate, if elected president, wants to make you and me pay for it with our tax dollars, which has so far been illegal.
     Now, this candidate does not use the word 'abortion.' Instead the candidate uses words such as 'choice' or 'Women's Health' or 'reproductive rights' to make the reality of what each of these are, meaning abortion, sound much more pleasant, maybe even nice, and probably good, which abortion is not.
     Abortion is what I referenced to earlier as an intrinsic evil. It is an intrinsic evil because it is evil at its object, meaning there is nothing that can make abortion somehow 'good.' Absolutely nothing. When a new life is formed from the joining of the appropriate parts of the mother and father, a new, brand new cell that has never existed before in either the mother or father is formed.
     This new cell, this fetus, this baby, this child's heart begins beating at just three to four weeks after conception. Additionally, this child feels pain after twenty weeks after conception. Did you know that, 'Over 88% of abortions occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy' ( This means that in 2005, two hundred twenty seven thousand, four hundred and eighty abortions were done to babies who had a heart (
      Nothing except something that is alive feels pain, and nothing but a living organism has a heart. If this heart does not belong to the mother, then it must belong only to the this newly formed living organism that somehow is forming within the mother, and that newly formed organism is a child.
     Abortion is a horrific evil that is somehow looked upon as a possible good. Think on these following words with regards to abortion, 'One may not do evil so that good may result from it'(CCC 1756). If you are wondering where those words came from, they certainly did not come from me. They came from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, so that is your Catholic Church speaking to you. 'One may not do evil, such as an abortion, so that a good may result from it.'
     God has told us vividly when He knows us from the prophet Jeremiah, 'Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you.' From that short phrase of Sacred Scripture, one realizes that God considers that newly formed organism in the mother's womb to be a person, a human being. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states, 'Since it must be treated from conception as a person, the embryo must be defended in its integrity, cared for, and healed, as far as possible, like any other human being' (CCC 2274). Once again, those are not my words. Those are the words of the Catholic Church.
     Now, to take a breather, if one has had an abortion or who has been somehow involved with one, do not think for one second that God does not love you. As long as you go to the Sacrament of Confession and as long as you are sincerely contrite, God the Father, Who is Mercy itself, will lovingly embrace you back again into His undying love for you. God loves you. Your God loves you. He knows that your pain is real, He knows that you are so tired of carrying this excessive burden. Jesus Christ, your brother, He is extending His hand out to you, inviting you into His peaceful gaze so that you may find true peace again. The Holy Spirit is urging you, to allow the power of the Cross overwhelm you in the Sacrament of Confession so that you may realize that there is no sin that God cannot forgive. This God loves you so much that He died for you on that Cross 2,000 years ago. Why? So that of all things, you...can...come...home.
     Now, back to our 2016 election. This pro-abortion candidate wants to expand the availability of abortion, and even make abortion available even until the baby is fully formed and ready to be born.
     If you do not know the candidate of whom I am referring, then you need to find out before you vote, and so you can share the truth about this presidential candidate with others that you meet at work, family members, and friends. There is no room for excuses. This election is so important because it really is a major turning point in our nation's history, and the possible election results should frighten you as a Catholic.
     Remember what Jesus said today from our Gospel? 'When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?' That's such an interesting question for Jesus to ask. Did you know that this same candidate who wants to expand abortion wants to limit religious liberty even more? In other words, this same candidate wants to make it very difficult for you to practice your Catholic Faith, if not wipe it out altogether? And this is not just Catholics, but all faiths that want to speak out against the evils that our government is condoning as a good, such as abortion.
     So, now you all have the knowledge, if you did not beforehand. Some of you may have a little research and Google searching to do to figure out which candidate I'm referring to. Now you know that abortion is an intrinsically evil act, and that nothing can make it good, which includes the supporting, enabling, or promoting of abortion. Since you have this knowledge now, and if you still vote for this particular candidate that will undoubtedly expand abortion, because this candidate said they would, then your eternal salvation is at great risk, especially if you come to receive our Lord's Body and Blood in Holy Communion.
     Why? Because if you are supporting abortion, especially by your vote for a candidate who not only supports abortion but wants to expand abortion, you are committing a mortal sin. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 'For a sin to be mortal, three conditions must together be met. Mortal sin is sin whose object is grave matter and which is also committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent.' Now, abortion is grave matter, which does include supporting a candidate who endorses abortion and seeks to expand it. Full knowledge: as of now, from my preaching, you do have full knowledge about abortion and it being an intrinsic evil. Deliberate Consent: You still support, by your personal choice, this particular candidate, especially with your vote, given the full knowledge of the intrinsic evil of abortion that this candidate supports.
     So, if one is wanting to still vote for this particular candidate, given the knowledge that you know have, then you will be committing a mortal sin, and you should not go to Communion until you have sincerely, and I do mean sincerely confess your sins in the Sacrament of Confession.
     Please my friends, save your soul. You want to know why I am so concerned about this election and pointing out this particular candidate's evil agenda? It's because I want your soul to be saved. I can safely say that it is the primary reason why I answered the call to the priesthood. I want your souls to be clean of committing sins so that you may indeed go to heaven.
     I am telling you these hard truths in this homily today because when we all die, we will have to answer to God for our actions and inactions, whether we voted for or against a candidate who clearly supports an intrinsic evil, such as abortion. Not voting is also not the answer because that will only help the pro-abortion candidate. Me personally, I want to see you in heaven. Simply put I want to see you in Heaven and not go to Hell. That is my greatest fear for me as one of your priests.
     St. Paul hits the nail on the head regarding this tough topic and this election with regards to the candidate who wants to support abortion. Listen to his words from our Second Reading, 'I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingly power: proclaim the word; be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient; convince, reprimand, encourage through all patience and teaching.'
     This homily, my friends, is me preaching the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. This is NOT convenient for me, just as Saint Paul said. More than likely, I will have angered some people here, which is not my intent. My intent is to spread the truths that Jesus Christ lived and died for, through the living instrument that is His Church, the Catholic Church, Whom He founded on the Rock of St. Peter. If you do not want to shake my hand once this Mass is done, I will take no offense. If I am to receive any reprimands from anyone because of this homily, then I will take it as a Cross for our God Whom I love more than anyone else, and I will take it as a compliment and as a spiritual bullet...for my country.
     If I as your priest do not tell you these truths that the Catholic Church, the faith which you profess to believe in, then I am not doing my job as your priest. I want you all to be happy, and the only way that you all will be happy is if you live in the Truth, which is Jesus Christ. As this same Jesus Christ said from St. John's Gospel, 'If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free' (Jn. 8: 31-32). That is my job as your priest. True freedom is found within Truth itself, and if you believe in this Truth, then you will indeed have found True Happiness, which is in Jesus Christ. May God bless you all, and I pray, please God, please bless America.

 (The credit to the approach and some of the content of this homily [particularly pages 1-3, 5-6] is accredited to Fr. John Lankeit, the Rector of The Cathedral of Saints Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona of the Diocese of Phoenix. He preached his homily on the election (which I used some of his content and approach in this homily) on October 2, 2016. The text for his homily on that day, which I attribute some of my homily to, can be found here: %202%202016%20Year%20C.pdf
A link to the video of him giving his homily can be found here:"

And here is a link to the actual video of Fr. John Lankeit giving his own homily: 

Someone I respect once told me she didn't understand how a person could vote based on only one issue.  I have been a one-issue voter for as long as I can remember, because to me, it has always been THE issue.  Everything else stems from it.  Our morals and values have sharply dropped, and I think it reflects back to our lack of respect for life.  The same with our "I want it and I want it NOW" mentality.  If we have no respect for life, we have respect for nothing.  How can we accept responsibility for our actions if we don't accept responsibility for the most innocent of lives?

The Church has slowly been coming around the last several elections, although it's a shame it only focuses on pro-life issues during an election and the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  And although it may be too little, too late at this point with society's "me first" thinking, we have an obligation to make an attempt.

God bless,

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Two Cents

I saw something on Facebook the other day that struck me as absurd.  It was a comment about how Donald Trump refused to drop out of the race, and asked how Republicans now felt about carrying something to term.  With a pro-life platform, I bet there are plenty of Republicans that know exactly how it feels to carry something to term, no matter how difficult, uncomfortable, or personally embarrassing.

I used to find it entertaining when someone told me they voted for a "person," and not a "party."  This election, since quite a few don't like either person, they have to--or should--take a look at party platforms, and hope that the rest of the Democrats or Republicans can keep Clinton or Trump in line with the party principles.  That's my only hope right now.  Or impeachment.

I read an article on how Catholics should vote.  My thoughts can be summed up with these words:  "The right to life is the most important and fundamental right, since life is necessary for any of the other rights to matter. There are some issues that can legitimately be debated by Christians, such as which policies are the most effective in caring for the poor, but the direct killing of innocent human life must be opposed at all times by every follower of Jesus Christ...The health of our nation depends on a deep respect for human life from the moment of conception until natural death, and the future of our society depends on how we protect that right."

One last thing while I'm here.  Once you put on a uniform of any kind, you become a representative of an organization and are bound to the rules of that organization.  Military personnel are required to salute in certain situations while in uniform.  City employees may not campaign or wear political slogans while in uniform.  Etcetera.  My point is, your freedom of speech may be curtailed while you are in uniform.  In that case, I believe NFL owners are within their rights to demand players stand and be respectful during the national anthem.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We Are Well, and Truly, Screwed

I would be more inclined to vote for Donald Trump if he hadn't maligned John McCain for being a POW; didn't threaten a lawsuit every other day; didn't have such a vulgar mouth or call everyone that disagreed or disliked him a moron, idiot, or liar; or spoke as a conservative to issues that concern me: pro-life, traditional marriage, freedom of religion, and protection of the second amendment.  To me, he's more arrogant that BO, and that's saying something.

When it comes to the general election, both Clinton and Sanders are unsettling to me.  But so far, those are the only Democratic options and one of them will probably be on the ballot.  What is worse are the Republican options and the positions they are putting us in.  Unless all but one of Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Kasich, and Carson throw the towel in and unite their supporters, Donald Trump could quite possibly win the nomination.  I'd be as embarrassed to vote for Trump as those that voted for BO should be.  An even more disastrous scenario would be one of the others winning the Republican nomination and Trump running as an Independent.  If he didn't win the election, he will almost certainly be handing it to Clinton or Sanders.

A critical election that many don't seem to fathom.

Gracious, do I seem to have lost a trace of tact?  Maybe they took it with everything else they took out of my body.

Besides the cancer (which has been over 8 years now, hooray), I developed adenomiosis - none of that run of the mill endometriosis for me - so I had to have a total hysterectomy.  Then I developed fast growing cataracts - none of that normal. slow growing stuff for me - so I had lens replacements.  Let's see...torn rotator cuff, torn bicep, and arthritis in my shoulder that was repaired.  Most recently, I had a lipoma removed from the opposite breast.  My PCP said it was unusual to have a lipoma in the breast, so I politely informed him there is nothing normal about me.  Ah well.

KSA, MFS, and MFD are all doing well.  Maybe I'll come back and fill you in one of these days.

Take care of yourselves,

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I came here from MFS's site, after finding out MFS had a site, to find over 750 comments to be moderated. Evidently, it wasn't set up to notify me by email that I had comments to moderate. So 750+ comments were sent to that Anonymous Commenter hole in the sky. If you wanted to use a blogger name, or if you had something to say to me personally, or about my blog (or lack of blog) specifically, and not about sex, drugs, or money, please feel free to re-comment.

I also removed MFSG from the side bar. She broke up with MFS almost 2 years ago. It was a bit of a disappointment, we all adored her. But...que sera, sera. Miss Right is out there somewhere.

On another note, I just wanted to say "I told you so." Seems everyone is disgusted and fed up with the way b.o. goes around the world apologizing for America. I warned those of you that voted for him, moments before you walked into the voting booth, that the man was not proud to be an American.

Maybe some of you can relate to this. During a discussion about the presidential candidates, someone made a comment to KSA that "McCain hasn't said anything that's going to help me personally." Well, if he believed anything b.o. said that was going to help him was the truth, I have some swamp land for him. Mostly, though, I was disgusted by the selfishness of that statement. What about his kids? If b.o. gives him everything he said, his kids will ultimately pay. Think about the future, man! Especially when you walk into the booth again in November.

Finally, when congress votes in a bill that the majority of Americans are opposed to, because they think they know what's best, we no longer have a government OF the people and BY the people.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ratcheting Racial Remarks

Found this in an article I read: “The president did not back down from his contention that police had overreacted by arresting the Harvard professor for disorderly conduct after coming to his home to investigate a possible break-in. He added, though, that he thought Gates, too, had overreacted to the police who questioned him. The charge has been dropped.

Obama stirred up a hornet's nest when he said at a prime-time news conference this week that Cambridge police had 'acted stupidly' by arresting Gates, a friend of the president's. Still, Obama said Friday he didn't regret stepping into the controversy and hoped the matter would end up being a 'teachable moment' for the nation.

'The fact that this has garnered so much attention, I think, is testimony to the fact that these are issues that are still very sensitive here in America,' Obama said.”

Seriously? Sensitive issues?

I don’t suppose B-O has considered that those most sensitive to this issue are blacks, and that certain blacks are the ones that ratchet up the tensions. I wouldn’t be surprised if a good majority of whites don’t consider race to be an issue, unless it is brought up—by blacks.

B-O said the police overreacted by making an arrest; however, the professor also overreacted. Hm. Which one came first? Would there have even been an arrest if the professor hadn’t overreacted? Or perhaps, would there have been a sincere apology to him for the misunderstanding if he had merely cooperated?

I take anything “reported” with a grain of salt, but here’s what it sounds like: The officers were responding to a call according to procedure. Instead of laughing it off and saying: “Are you serious? Look, here’s my ID,” the professor became belligerent and pulled the “Do you know who I am?” number.

I know there are racists out there, and situations like this add fuel to the fodder. That doesn’t make it right. But the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons are the types that instigate racial issues, when there is none. Instead, they should be championing obvious, intentional racism. Crying wolf when there isn’t one doesn’t get the job done. I would like to think most of us are appalled at racism and would get behind a just cause.

However, I don’t care if you’re the president. If you’re acting suspiciously, the police are entitled to investigate, whether you are black, white, red, yellow, or all/none of the above.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

What Is a Loan?

Help me out here. I saw the following quote in an article today about the auto industry’s economic woes:

“If the carmakers fail to prove viability - a positive cash flow and ability to make good on the loans - by March 31, they will be required to repay the government loans.”

Why wouldn’t they have to repay the government “loans?” Isn’t everybody required to repay his or her “loans?”

What a bunch of hogwash.

Can I tell MFS that if he graduates with a 3.0 GPA, then he’s shown viability for his education and doesn’t have to repay his student loans? If we’ve paid our mortgage on time and in full for 12 months and don’t have a negative bank balance, does that mean we’ve shown viability and don’t have to repay our home loan? Notice I said 12 months, as opposed to the 3 ½ months the carmakers have.

I saw a promo, possibly for the evening news, a few nights ago. It was a woman (the governor of Michigan, perhaps?) saying something like: congress has pledged billions to bail out the banking industry, but the auto industry has to beg on bended knee. How fair is that?

Good grief. Hasn’t she learned life isn’t always fair? She sounded like a whiny two-year old.

I am seriously worried that our country will not survive four years of a democrat run white-house and congress. I just hope there’s enough left to work with and that people will wake up and be willing to accept some responsibility and be accountable for their decisions.

And the Republican Party better wake up, choose a promising leader or two, and start promoting that person(s). The sooner the better. NOW would be good.


P.S. Since I'm pretty sure I won't be posting again any time soon: have a merry Christmas and a happy new year, one full of peace and hope.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

ACTIONS Speak Louder Than WORDS

Here’s a picture worth more than a thousand words—if you have only one thought as you step into the election booth, let it be this ACTION:


For those of you that don’t know, I am adamantly opposed to abortion. I’m not sure exactly where I stand on gay rights, but I do not support gay marriage. I worry about American values and morals. Where are our priorities? To me, nothing—not the economy, not health care, not the war, not immigration—NOTHING is more important than life, and I fear for our nation if it elects this man who supports abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and gay marriage. I believe that life and family are the most important issues we are faced with, and the reasons I am voting for McCain.

However, if those are not the issues that concern you the most, I hope the picture will appeal to your patriotic side. If nothing else, REMEMBER OUR TROOPS, especially those that have given their lives so that this man could have the freedom of expression to stand up there and disrespect our flag, the symbol of our country.

God bless us all,

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vote Your Conscience

Catholic or not, this is THE basis for my political beliefs. It makes a simple and basic, yet powerful statement. This three and a half minute video is not negative, doesn't mislead or have half truths, doesn't tell you whom to vote for. No matter which party you support, keep an open mind, and please watch this.


Monday, June 09, 2008

I Need a Job

You know. The kind where you go to work so you can get some rest. That’s what one of my friends said at a meeting that was one of several commitments I had again last week.

But let’s not speak of commitments. Especially since Lainy thinks I’ve had nothing to do since she left, therefore, I should have written a blog two days afterwards. Then tries to blame her impatience on Kate. Ha!

You see, Lainy and I got to meet and spend a day with Kate, and rather than start her own blog and write about it, Lainy expects me to do it. Because, you know, all I do is sit around and eat bon-bons and watch TV.

But I digress.

Kate flew in to see another dear friend of hers in the area. I say “another” because now we’re dear friends, too, which was only to be expected. Lainy and I…well, actually, Lainy was the first to meet her at the gate because I had gone to check the location of a Cinnabon. Unfortunately, Kansas City does not have a very convenient terminal set-up when it comes to food. We were at Terminal C and the Cinnabon was at Terminal A. Now if the KC airport had a cool little tram so we could have zipped over and zipped back……..

I mention that because Kate had said in her blog once that she wanted to hit Cinnabon at as many different airports as she could. So being the dear friend that I am, I tried to accommodate her. I know, I know—the sacrifices I make.

Anyway, we loaded up in the car and headed toward the area we would drop her off to meet her friend, and found a charming little restaurant to have breakfast and get acquainted. When we went to leave (several hours later), the manager was going to charge us for laughs and giggles. At that point, I was just glad they didn’t charge us for directions. You see, Kate asked the waitress where the restrooms were before we sat down at our table. So the waitress gave her a quarter turn and pointed at a sign on the wall straight ahead that said “Restrooms.” That long, drawn out, complicated explanation could have cost us a pretty penny.

Do ya think we all hit it off?

Before we knew it, it was time to take Kate to meet the friend she was staying with, and Lainy and I had the honor of meeting him. [Insert “Twilight Zone” music.] Two Wolves and I think we remembered each other from different jobs we held over 20 years ago. AND, it turns out he and his wife live—literally—just down the road from me. What were the chances?!

You know…if you’ve already read about most of this over at Kate’s blog………I haven’t—so tough!

So let me tell you about the day we got to spend together. Lainy and I picked Kate up and ran over to my house so she could see it really was only a hop, skip, and a jump away. And then we were off….

…to the boats. Mm hmm. Turns out Kate is quite the little gambler. But first we had to fortify ourselves, so we pigged out at the “all you can eat” buffet. Then we went to spending money. They’ve had riverboat gambling here for quite a few years, but this was only the third time I had been to one to actually gamble. My winning experiences went from 50% to 66%! Yep, I found a nickel slot that was good to me. And Kate found a penny slot (I think it was a penny) that was even better to her! But I won’t mention poor Lainy, because she didn’t win.

After that, we stopped for coffee and dessert (crème brulee!!!!!) to figure out what we would do next. Lainy’s hubby had injured himself at work the day before and she was worried about him, yada yada, so she decided to head back home. Of course, if I had known she’d be on the phone with him most of the way, trying to dodge the tornadoes…

But she made it safely and that way I got a chance to spend some time with Kate by myself. We had an interesting discussion about several things—I need to see if she actually came up with a Top 10 Countdown. I asked her about her beliefs and learned they really aren’t that far off from mine, it’s actually pretty fascinating to me.

Eventually, I did have to take her back to Two Wolves’. Damn it.

Those of you that know me know that I generally have a pretty good time with people. I like to laugh and have fun, joke with waitresses or a check-out clerk. Kind of spread the joy, right? I don’t know if I’m contagious, or if it’s because of you people I hang around. But I know if any of you ever get the chance to meet Kate, you’ll love her, too. I don’t think saying “she fit right in” is as accurate as saying she’s just like naturally one of the gang. Understand?

So let me leave you with one of the memories from our day.

Geez I miss those girls.

Now then, you might want to run over to Holly's blog and wish her a happy birthday (tell her I sent you). And if Lainy had a blog, you could do the same for her. But she doesn't, so you can't. I'll wish you both a happy birthday right here and it will be so much fun to see both of you in a few short weeks! Too bad Kate has to hang around for a grandbaby and can't make it here.