Monday, June 09, 2008

I Need a Job

You know. The kind where you go to work so you can get some rest. That’s what one of my friends said at a meeting that was one of several commitments I had again last week.

But let’s not speak of commitments. Especially since Lainy thinks I’ve had nothing to do since she left, therefore, I should have written a blog two days afterwards. Then tries to blame her impatience on Kate. Ha!

You see, Lainy and I got to meet and spend a day with Kate, and rather than start her own blog and write about it, Lainy expects me to do it. Because, you know, all I do is sit around and eat bon-bons and watch TV.

But I digress.

Kate flew in to see another dear friend of hers in the area. I say “another” because now we’re dear friends, too, which was only to be expected. Lainy and I…well, actually, Lainy was the first to meet her at the gate because I had gone to check the location of a Cinnabon. Unfortunately, Kansas City does not have a very convenient terminal set-up when it comes to food. We were at Terminal C and the Cinnabon was at Terminal A. Now if the KC airport had a cool little tram so we could have zipped over and zipped back……..

I mention that because Kate had said in her blog once that she wanted to hit Cinnabon at as many different airports as she could. So being the dear friend that I am, I tried to accommodate her. I know, I know—the sacrifices I make.

Anyway, we loaded up in the car and headed toward the area we would drop her off to meet her friend, and found a charming little restaurant to have breakfast and get acquainted. When we went to leave (several hours later), the manager was going to charge us for laughs and giggles. At that point, I was just glad they didn’t charge us for directions. You see, Kate asked the waitress where the restrooms were before we sat down at our table. So the waitress gave her a quarter turn and pointed at a sign on the wall straight ahead that said “Restrooms.” That long, drawn out, complicated explanation could have cost us a pretty penny.

Do ya think we all hit it off?

Before we knew it, it was time to take Kate to meet the friend she was staying with, and Lainy and I had the honor of meeting him. [Insert “Twilight Zone” music.] Two Wolves and I think we remembered each other from different jobs we held over 20 years ago. AND, it turns out he and his wife live—literally—just down the road from me. What were the chances?!

You know…if you’ve already read about most of this over at Kate’s blog………I haven’t—so tough!

So let me tell you about the day we got to spend together. Lainy and I picked Kate up and ran over to my house so she could see it really was only a hop, skip, and a jump away. And then we were off….

…to the boats. Mm hmm. Turns out Kate is quite the little gambler. But first we had to fortify ourselves, so we pigged out at the “all you can eat” buffet. Then we went to spending money. They’ve had riverboat gambling here for quite a few years, but this was only the third time I had been to one to actually gamble. My winning experiences went from 50% to 66%! Yep, I found a nickel slot that was good to me. And Kate found a penny slot (I think it was a penny) that was even better to her! But I won’t mention poor Lainy, because she didn’t win.

After that, we stopped for coffee and dessert (crème brulee!!!!!) to figure out what we would do next. Lainy’s hubby had injured himself at work the day before and she was worried about him, yada yada, so she decided to head back home. Of course, if I had known she’d be on the phone with him most of the way, trying to dodge the tornadoes…

But she made it safely and that way I got a chance to spend some time with Kate by myself. We had an interesting discussion about several things—I need to see if she actually came up with a Top 10 Countdown. I asked her about her beliefs and learned they really aren’t that far off from mine, it’s actually pretty fascinating to me.

Eventually, I did have to take her back to Two Wolves’. Damn it.

Those of you that know me know that I generally have a pretty good time with people. I like to laugh and have fun, joke with waitresses or a check-out clerk. Kind of spread the joy, right? I don’t know if I’m contagious, or if it’s because of you people I hang around. But I know if any of you ever get the chance to meet Kate, you’ll love her, too. I don’t think saying “she fit right in” is as accurate as saying she’s just like naturally one of the gang. Understand?

So let me leave you with one of the memories from our day.

Geez I miss those girls.

Now then, you might want to run over to Holly's blog and wish her a happy birthday (tell her I sent you). And if Lainy had a blog, you could do the same for her. But she doesn't, so you can't. I'll wish you both a happy birthday right here and it will be so much fun to see both of you in a few short weeks! Too bad Kate has to hang around for a grandbaby and can't make it here.



lainy said...

How sweet are you? I love you.

And yes, of course, Kate is one of us. She's a special lady who loves to laugh and I'm so happy to have met her. One day we'll do it again, sooner than later, I hope. She's become a true treasure of a friend.

Bon-bons are nothing to snivel about!


I'm having a wonderful birthday and you just made it the best:)

I knew if I hounded enough you'd post a new blog. LOL

Kate said...

Well, as far as I'm concerned, my personal quest to eat at airport Cinnabon's just doesn't compare to the restaurant we found! I'd certainly make that a regular stop, especially if that waitress was working! (This waitress was SO good I tipped her ten bucks - for serving us breakfast. I wish I could have tipped her more, that's how good she was.)

Anyone who gets the chance to meet Lainy and Flo should do so! Within ten minutes of meeting them, my face hurt from laughing! And, Flo, yes, I do have a list of sorts for writing fodder - I mean, how can a person top the question being asked if you've ever farted in front of your husband? *laughing*

Now, Flo, you make it sound like I'm quite the casino hound! Really, all I said was, "I didn't know you had casinos in KC..." and next thing I knew, our Saturday plans were made! I did find a penny slot machine that was kind enough to give me a nice profit of $75. Believe me, that doesn't usually happen! And, while I didn't get to get holes punched in my ears like Lainy and Flo did - 'cause they didn't invite me! - I think I did talk them into getting tattoos next time I'm down. Right? You planning your body art choices yet?

I'm SO sad I can't come down when Holly's visiting. Of course, I'd sorta be inviting myself, but maybe they wouldn't mind me barging in if I could. But...much as I love you both, that grandbaby is winning. I do hope, though, that I can get at least one more trip in this summer.

Now it WILL be cheaper to drive, because those airline tickets certainly got out of line!

I love you both! Lainy, Happy Belated birthday! And, you really do need to start a blog of your very own, you know?

HollyB said...

Shoot a mile....I'd gotten so used to Flo NOT writin', I was surprised to click over and find she'd writen somethin!
Thanks for the b'day greetin's! I did have a good one!
And Lainy your card IS in the mail and I'm callin you today.
Kate, I wish I cold have met you, too

Flo, I'm bouncin' and gigglin' at the thought of seein' you in July AND August!

Kate said...


lainy said...

Kate, we certainly are getting tattoo's, by golly, even if we have to drag our little angel with us!ROFLMBO!!!!!!!

Yes Flo is going to TX. in August to go to the hill country to play and have fun with Holly and 2 other women friend's. So, I say after she gets back she and I will drive and meet you halfway. We could have a blast spending the weekend together at some fun city along the way, just think of all the trouble we could get into.;)

Flo, I just thought you were SO busy I could go ahead and fill Kate in. Your welcome.

Who asked about farting? OH MY GOSH, I missed that one. LOL

Flo said...

Geeeeeeeeez, can't even answer my own comments. Get your OWN blog, Lainy!!!! :pppppp

And now Holly's mad at one of me because one of us decided to go for a margarita lunch yesterday and missed her phone call, then went to Curves this morning and missed another one. Sheesh! I promise, I'm home for the rest of the day!!

ROFL, what a way to start the day!

So anyway. You're right, Kate, that was all you said.

There. See how boring that was? Were we bored? Heavens, no! It's much more fun to picture you as a high-roller.

I don't wanna get a tattoo, I wanna get my nose pierced. Come on, whatdya say, gals? A tattoo would hurt a lot longer than one little ol' pierce.

And it would not be inviting yourself because we already invited you. So go have a talk with that little baby and tell him/her that he/she either needs to come way before the 4th of July or way after so grandma can come make her face hurt some more.

I can start counting the days if you know when you might actually get here, Holly. I can't believe it's finally so close!

Whatdya mean you missed that one, Sissy? YOU'RE the one started the fart question, you little stinker!

Oh dear, was that a pun? Sorry...NOT! LOL But yes, thanks for filling Kate in.

Much as I would love to stay and chat, there's work to be done. Dammit.

lainy said...

In my defense I only wanted to know if Kate or Flo ever farted in front of their husbands. I know it came out very funnyyyyyy, but I was curious.

Kate, did you talk to that grand baby? I'd love to see you.

Flo, you may get a bugger catcher while Kate and I suffer the needles.

Kate said...

Ohhhh, Flo, that was a good pun!

And, Lainy - it wasn't so much the question, (although I guess it really WAS one I wasn't ever expecting to hear asked!)it was just so unexpected. I mean, sheesh, it was all quiet in the car for a little bit, and suddenly, out of the back seat comes a question, "Ladies, have you ever farted in front of your husbands?" Or, words to that effect, anyway! It was almost like you were, dare I say it?, pulling the question out yer arse! *giggling* PUN INTENDED!

Anyway, it was FUNNY.

Flo, actually, you'd look cute with one of those nose pierces unless you were thinking of hanging some sort of huge honking (PUN)piece of hardware from the thing. But a cute little diamond stud? Yeah, cute! And I'll happily hold your hand, but I won't look while it's done. *shuddering* But, I'm still going for the tattoo.

If I could figure out how to come down for the 4th, I would. But, I work overnights on the 3rd, then I'm on call the rest of the holiday weekend, and something tells me I'd be outside the 30 minute rule for on call. But, we'll have to figure out some way to get together again very soon. I miss you both! Lainy, you're just going to have to get Lee to move to either KC or IC!

HollyB said...

I am NOT gettin' my nose [or any other facial part] pierced!
I already HAVE 3 tats so you wussy wankers have to catch the foxtrot UP!
I will, however, consider dying my hair Purple or Lavender, AGAIN, as a show of solidarity.
Or I'll get another hole in ONE of my ears to catch up with you Bitches while y'all get a small, tasteful tat to catch up with me.
But NO holes in my's saggin' enough from gravity w/o help from extra adornments!

Kate said...

One more tat WILL catch me up with you, Holly! But, you mean there's rules? It has to be a tasteful tat? Awwwwww GEEEEEZZZZZZ! And here I was lookin' forward to doing something gross and disgusting;)

But, on the piercings? I don't remember what everyone has. I've got three ear pierces. I could probably do one more...maybe. I'd think about it anyway.

lainy said...

I have 3 piercings as well Kate. Holly, I have no tattoos yet.And, I agree with the sagging part of facial jewelry.Nope,not for me.

Holly, have you ever farted in front of Johnny? You can wait to answer me in private if you'd like.I did just randomly come up with that. It was to quiet for those 5 seconds.

Flo, thanks for letting me use your blog. I like it so much I just may get my own!

Kate said...

You should get your own blog, Lainy! And, I just started laughing all over again when I read what you've asked Holly.

lainy said...

Yes well, I love to keep the conversation flowing. Farting is a natural bodily function and I'm taking a pole. All of you ladies that say you don't fart in front of your husband's should know he's heard you rip one, I'm sure it was a jammie scorcher, in your sleep.LOL

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

DW said...

I'm sure it was a jammie scorcher

Well thats a new one for me.

Flo, We miss you!

Kate said...

I am SO anxious to hear about Holly and Lainy's visit with you, Flo! Blog soon, please!!!!!

Kate said...

Flo!!!!! It's been 4 months since you've blogged!!!!!

Nag nag nag nag nag

lainy said...

Kate's right, get off your duft and tell us a story!