Sunday, October 23, 2016

OheMGee Woman, Get a Life Already

I just want to punch her in the throat.

I have a friend, Jane Smith Doe.  She is married to John Doe (also a friend.)  John's ex-wife, Mary Johnson Doe, friended both John and Jane on Facebook.  In this situation, I don't understand why Jane would want to friend her ex-husband's wife.  I think she's just a little off.

Jane posted something a little controversial on FB the other day.  Instead of scrolling on by, Mary was the first to comment, and said she disagreed with Jane's point-of-view.  Then Mary proceeded to go on a rampage through the lengthy comment section, defending her viewpoint to people who obviously sided with Jane.

This is not the first time Mary has made contentious comments on Jane's page.  I usually just shake my head and move on.  This time it hit a little closer to home and she kept going on and on to the point I almost had steam coming out of my ears.  I wanted to say, "If you have a different opinion that you feel must be defended, do it on your own page!"  Mary had the nerve to say at the end that she was just posting her opinion and meant no disrespect to anyone.  The woman disrespected Jane from her first comment.  Twit.

Seriously, I look at your FB page as belonging to you and you are entitled to post whatever you like, within reason (i.e. no porn.)  If you post something that is visible to your friends on their timeline, you are like a host, allowing them to come into your home and make comments.  When you physically enter someone's home, you don't go out of your way to ignore your host's opinion and practically scream at other guests whom also disagree with you.  It's a good way to get escorted out the door.

Disagreeing is a common occurrence, especially in election season.  Friends and family often disagree.  However, it can be done with a little sensitivity.  If you can't be sensitive, or snarky in a loving way, then don't enter the discussion.  It's well known around here when the family descends at Thanksgiving, that there is NO political discussion allowed around me, I don't care which side you're on, or I will kick your happy little ass outside.  There's no such thing as a civil political discussion with KSA's family.

In other words, Mary, shut up.


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